Wednesday, April 2, 2008

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All the students of sixth semester are informed that
BIO-DATA form has been uploaded for the recruitment process of year 2008-09.
Please read the instruction and do as per on the instructions mentioned below.

Download Bio Data Form


1.Download the Zip file from above  link that is having the Bio Data Form (which is a word document).

2.Fill the Entries

3.Mail the form (word document) as an attachment to :

4.In the subject of your email write the branch code as mentioned below:

Branch Code For Deartment

CSE for Computer Science And Engineering
MECH for Mechanical Engineering
IT for Information & Technology
CVL for Civil Engineering
ELEC for Electrical Engineering
ELEX for Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering
META for Metalurgical Engineering
MIN for Mining Engineering
BIOT for Bio Technology
BIOM for Bio Medical Engineering
ARCH for Architecture
CHEM for Chemical Engineering
MCA for Master In Computer Application